Smart Laundry

This application is developed to provide a solution for customers to order laundry service with Pick Up and Delivery Schedules. A customer can order by selecting the products for which he wants to get the laundry service and then can fix the pick up and delivery time according to the available slots. At the same time this system also allows for payment and tracking of order until delivery.

The multi-channel experience encompassed a mobile-optimized website and native applications for both Android and iOS devices. This meant that customers can start off their journey from one channel and can complete the same through another.

UI is something which plays a vital role in application development. Therefore our first task was to define a design pathway which is smooth and effective. UX is the key to success of app and in process of developing SMART LAUNDRY app we contribute to raise the bar of UX. For this we had to effectively manage the design layout with its functionality.

What We did

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